Over 120 aircraft under our service!  


Aviation business in Hong Kong is growing from strength to strength. To meet with the ever-rising demand of consumers, every sector of the business must be kept in excellent condition.

Regular pest control program of preventive residual treatment is incorporated on aircraft to provide a pest free environment onboard. We are proud to announce that Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, United Airlines and Air Canada are our prestige clients.
After a final check on the equipment, our qualified disinsection technicians are about to perform pest control treatment to the aircraft.  


Strict regulations and standards are laid by importing countries' quarantine department to prevent the introduction of a range of serious human, animal and plant pests and disease. Airlines' engineering department and quality assurance department also set up methods and instructions to ensure a clean and safe environment for the aircraft's normal functioning.

United Elite has been serving various airlines for years to their high satisfaction.

Technicians must undergo a series of training and pass the examination set by the quarantine department to become a qualified disinsection technician before carrying out treatments.  
Pest can be transferred to the cargo compartment through passengers' luggage, cargo and during maintenance. So this is one of the locations which needs to be treated.  
Safety Concern

The chemicals in use are specially designed for aircraft application. They are biodegradable and have little or no smell. Together with the exceptional quality delivered by United Elite and the well-tailored service programme, the treatment is carried out in a very careful manner and is completely safe to the crew, passenger and any personnel onboard the aircraft.

A cluster of bees was found in this cargo aircraft three hours after a routine check. They are probably from a disturbed nest nearby.

An emergency treatment was carried out by United Elite Services Ltd immediately upon the discovery to eliminate the pest before the aircraft can be put into service again.

A close up of the bees cluster.
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