Put a lid on the problem of sanitary disposal!  
What is Sanicare?

Sanicare system provides a solution in disposing used sanitary napkins and tampons in a hygienic and convenient way. We systematically deal with everything from deployment to collection and replacement of Sanicare units. It simply contributes to a more pleasant, hygienic workplace and a positive image for your establishment. Your female staff will appreciate the thought you have given to them.
Handle type and Pedel type available for your choice.    


How it works?

With the Sanicare system, all used sanitary napkins and tampons are to be disposal in puncture resistance polypropylene bins. Inside the units, special non-toxic bactericide is added to sterilize the contents. Perfume is added in the bactericide to get rid of unpleasant odour.

The bins are replaced regularly so new and clean units are ready to serve you and your female staff around the clock.

  Used Sanicare units are replaced by freshly cleaned and disinfected ones in each service.


Why should I use Sanicare?

1. Sanicare is HYGIENE


- Pathogenic bacteria eliminated - reduces risks of exposure to skin diseases, tummy upsets, and urinary tract diseases.
- Specially designed V-shaped operator - contents of the bins cannot be seen even when the operator is fully opened and more importantly, the isolation of bacteria is achieved.


2. Sanicare is discreet
- Unit fits nicely into toilet cubicle.
- Simple-to-follow instructions found on lid.
- Fully-trained female service team.
- Sanitary towels need not be taken out of cubicle - no embarrassment
  Unit fits precisely even in small cubicle.
3. No Capital Costs with Sanicare
- No installation costs.
- No structural alterations.
- No costs for replacement parts.
- No purchase costs for paper or polythene bags
4. Sanicare is Convenient and Easy to Use
- Free standing unit.
- Handle type and Pedal type for your choice.
- No maintenance costs.
- No blocked pipes.
- Never out of order.
5. Additional Sanicare Benefits

- United Elite emergency service.
- Trained and qualified United Elite staff.

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