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What is Sentricon*?

- Sentricon* = a revolutionary, safe, non-intrusive, non-disruptive & environmental friendly yet effective strategy in dealing with termite infestation.
- Sentricon* = your only way to eliminate termite colonies.
- Sentricon* is honoured with 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, one of the Untied States' top environmental honors.
- Sentricon* protects your premises continuously and in an on-going basis to give you a peace of mind.
- Sentricon* uses a very small amount of active ingredient, as little as 1 gram, to achieve total colony elimination.
- Sentricon* is extensively used in USA, Australia, France, Spain, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.
High technology equipment is one of the important parts
of the Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System.
Advantage over traditional treatment
- Total Colony Elimination: The only system in the market that eliminates termite colonies.
- Non-intrusive: No need to tear down or demolish any structure. Save your time and money.
- Environmental friendly: No pollution to soil and water source, would not endanger aquatic life.
- Safe: Minimum use of chemical in concealed environment. Active ingredient is used only when and where termites present.
How it works?
  1. Monitoring devices (food sources) are installed around the perimeter of the premise to be protected.
An In-ground station is installed in the garden soil of a house. The station is secured with a green cap so the chance of active ingredient exposing to human & animal (especially children and pets) is minimal.
2. Worker termites forage for food continuously and randomly.
When a monitoring device is 'hit' by termites, it is replaced by a Baitube* device containing the Recruit* II termite bait. Due to its natural behaviour, termites would start the 'Self-Recruitment Procedure' and lead other workers to consume the Baitube*.
In this picture, termites 'hit' the above ground bait device, Recruit* AG station.  
  3. After consuming the bait, the termites go all the way back to
their colony and feed their nest mates with the bait.
The active ingredient, Hexaflumuron (an insect growth regulator),
inside the bait would stop the molting process of termite. This
lethal action would eventually eliminate the entire colony.
    Soldier termites were found in an AG bait station. Increased ratio of soldier termites to worker termites found in a bait device is one of the signs of termite colony decline.
4. After the colony has been eliminated, used bait devices are
replaced with new monitoring devices. The stations are checked regularly to allow detection of future termite activity from other colonies.
Signs of infestation
Please refer to "Signs of infestation"
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