Termite Colony of Evangel Children's Home
Eliminated with Sentricon*
Evangel Children's Home
Structure: Living quarters for children
Location: Wong Tai Sin
Authorized Operator:
United Elite Services Ltd.
Termite Situation: Evangel Children's Home was established in Hong Kong in 1956. With the love of Lord Jesus, Evangel Children's Home strives to care for children from broken homes, provide houses for them, encourage them to become healthy individuals, and educate them to take their place as useful citizens in their communities. The living quarters for children in Wong Tai Sin were built in 1961 and it has a long history of termite infestation. However the problem was not solved though a pest control company had consistently spraying the infested area by liquid termiticide.

Solution: It is very obvious that spraying treatment did not eliminate the existing colony. Moreover the potential hazard of termiticide to the health of children was also under concern. Evangel Children's Home kept searching for a long-term and safe measure to eradicate the problem. In March 2000 Dow AgroSciences Pacific and United Elite developed a plan to eliminate the termites by using the Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System. The reliability and safety of the system has appealed to the staff of Evangel Children's Home. Following the three basic steps: Monitoring, Baiting to Elimination, and Monitoring again, the termite colony was eventually eliminated with just grams of active ingredient.

Outlook: Termite activity at the Evangel Children's Home has now ceased and the attacking colony was eliminated. Evangel Children's Home has entered a 12-years contract with United Elite for termite control using the Sentricon* System. The system will continue to monitor and protect the premises so that Evangel Children's Home will be preserved to provide a caring and loving home for children.

*Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC