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Signs of Subterranean termites infestation - Is my home infested by termite?

When you discover one or more of the following signs, call for a free inspection immediately!
- Alates or wings from alates
During reproductive seasons, alates leave the colony and fly (swarm) to search for suitable locations for new colonies. After landing, they shed their wings, find mates, and start new colonies. Discarded wings is a sign of a nearby termite colony.  
- Mud tubes
Subterranean termites construct mud tubes to reach wood (or other food sources) which are not directly in contact with soil. Mud tubes are made from soil, saliva and excrement. Ranging from 1 - 3 centimeters in width, these tubes provide suitable temperature and humidity for foraging termites and keep them away from predators as they travel from colony to feeding sites.
Shelter tube
Left : Mud tubes in the switch room of a housing estate (New Territories).
Right : Mud tubes in a warehouse (Tsuen Wan).
Shelter tube
Left : Foraging termites have made their way from one doorframe to another by constructing a mud tube.
Right :The bottom part of a damaged door and doorframe in a washroom. The poorly maintained fixture was soaked by water making it a favourable environment for termite infestation.
- Wood galleries
Galleries are formed when termites consume wood. The hollow sound produced when tapping with a hard object is an obvious sign of termite infestation.
Wood Galleries Wood Galleries
Wood galleries are not easily seen because of the nature of termites. They tend to stay in shelter - You won't notice the damages until it's too late!
- Carton nest / Aerial nest
Subterranean termites build carton nests in areas above ground such as tree hollows, wall voids, void under raised floor, and even wardrobes that are not used for a period of time. Like mud tubes, these nests protect termites from predator and provide shelter with suitable moisture and temperature.
Nest Nest
Left : An aerial nest of subterranean termites in a switch room of a secondary school.
Right : Nest of subterranean termites in a cabinet (Guangzhou).
- Nearby infestation
If there is termite infestation within the building you are dwelling in, there is a good chance that termites will visit you sooner or later. Termites do not normally originate from high-rise buildings. They usually come from underground. So don't blame your neighbours, they are also victims like you.

"Thank God this is not my home!" Is this what you are thinking of right now? Don't be too optimistic. According to our experience, there are only two types of premises -

1. Those that has already been infested by termite; and
2. Those that will soon be infested.

To reduce the chance of termite infestation, you are suggested to pay special attention to any unusual signs in and around your home, and to eliminate any conducive environment.

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