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  Close-up of a termite nest.
Termites shown in the photo were killed by termiticide.
Right : The door frame is seriously damaged that part of the wood on the upper side is broken down. The bricks inside are exposed.  
    Termite Damages in former Marine Police Station, Tsim Sha Tsui
Right : Wooden ceiling in the building. Alates have eaten out holes and fly out through them during swarming.
Far Right :A close-up of the wooden ceiling.
Method of treatment
1. Barrier Treatment - This refers to the application of residual termiticide strategically to soil surrounding and underneath the building to be protected to produce a continuous band of barrier preventing termites from entering the building from underground. Barrier treatment may be complicated if it is done after the construction of the building (post-construction). Application of termiticide may involve drilling of concrete slab (foundation) and extra effort should be paid to avoid damaging underground cables, pipes, and other facility.
  In Hong Kong, concrete is the most popular construction material. Foundation treatment usually involves concrete coring. Here, our technician is drilling the concrete flooring with a diamond drill to provide access for termiticide solution down to the soil below.
Far Right : Our technician is drilling the concrete floor in a warehouse.
Right : Termiticide solution is injected into the holes.

2. Spot Treatment - This treatment hits right on to the infested area (mainly wooden structure inside the premise). Termiticide solution is injected into holes drilled in the areas where termite damages or termite signs are found. Termiticide spray will also be employed to areas that are not suitable to drilling.

This method stops any termite activity on the spot immediately. However, the treated area may not be the termite colony. Termites may forage to other locations in the premise and begin damage again. If possible, it is suggested that this treatment should be done in conjunction with other method for total protection.
  Wooden structure is treated like this: Small holes are drilled to the wooden doorframe in this museum. Termiticide will be injected into the holes to reach the void/area behind.
  Besides drilling, termiticide can also be sprayed onto concerned surface.
  Our Service  
  Use of chemicals : HKSAR Agricultural, Fishery and Conservation Department &
US Environmental Protection Agency registered
safe and long lasting effect
  Area of control : from commercial and government to residential sector
from low-rise houses to high-rise apartments
from wooden structure to concrete material
  Our customers : residential premise, property management companies,
government buildings, museums and temples, etc.
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